Who am I, you ask?


Born of two AKC Dog Show Judges, I've always fought for the underdog.  I've been to the heights of grandeur and the depths of despair at the dog show - as well as in my 20+ years of hard labor in the non-profit and public sector. I've seen some dog poop. Trust that. 

Here's the secret I've learned: it's all a dog show of one kind or another. Some of us care about the dogs, some of us care about the show or a mixture of both. My artistic viewpoint on social topics has been honed through experience and education, as my Master's coursework focused on Public Affairs with a Public Policy focus at WSUV. This is the only manner in which I am a "Cougar".  

In my younger days I was a professional improv comedian that gigged or rehearsed six nights a week at a venerable gay bar in downtown Portland, OR. It was the late 1980's, and I helped people who were facing the threat or reality of AIDS laugh for a bit here and there. When my brother died of AIDS it became harder to make the jokes happen onstage, but easier to see a bigger political reality - and act accordingly. lt's hard to be lighthearted in dark times, but silly songs help. Satire and irony have always spoken to me like a whisper in the breeze of the flatulence of the moment.

The Time Is Now is the product of a life spent in advocacy for positive personal and social change. The album starts with humor and ends with hope; addressing and sharing my concerns about life and public affairs in the face of the challenges we all face if we can face them. It is my sincere hope that these words and melodies inspire thoughts of freedom from domination, dickishness and despair while focused on compassion, concern and care.  My music is the message of a Hyper-Vigil Auntie, a Watchdog, a Seer of discrepancy according to "standards"; one who calls attention to the traps and snares that limit people's opportunities. I'm Socratesia - I'm not here to please ya' as much as I'm here to be a gadfly for progress. I might make you chuckle or guffaw, or cry...in a good cleansing way. 

I hope to delight minds and challenge ideas. We each get to decide what is or is not positive - right now and always. The Time Is (always) Now.