The Time Is Now

I'm #ontrend again. People love my vulgar song #cowboycirclejerk (or hate it) because it mocks our shared reality as humans. 

Whether we like it or not, we can clearly see the #dickery of society when it surfaces. We see…

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Humanity Can Be More Humane Any Time Now 

Humanity is human - with dignity intact

Whether we're humane or not is based on how we act

Have compassion for the least of us for they do what they do

Humane is overstanding when the inhumane…

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Cowboy Circle Jerk Music Video Released For Valentine's Day!

This low-budget video has all the warmth and silliness we could muster for about $50. Please note the PG lyrics that tells the tale of any sincere seeker confronted with dick pics and subterfuge in the online dating scene.