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The Time Is Now 

I'm #ontrend again. People love my vulgar song #cowboycirclejerk (or hate it) because it mocks our shared reality as humans. 

Whether we like it or not, we can clearly see the #dickery of society when it surfaces. We see dickery wherever and whenever it "pops up" and "beats down" on the actual bodies and in the minds of it's victims. Such is the case with #harveyweinerstain #harveyweinstein and all of the other dicks we've had to call out over time for being #lurchers and #lechers and #creepers It's an abuse of #power that I've experienced myself through every phase of my life as a human being. 

People, in my view, are simply human beings like men and women and everything in between or beyond those definitions. People are all dicks sometimes. They force themselves and project their ideas and judgements on others based on, or in reaction to, so many oppressive cultural norms. 

Times are changing. The Time Is Now. 

What matters most is how we treat one another. 

Politics is full of dicks. 

Religion is full of dicks. 

Focus on the middle instead of the fringes. 

Treat people with dignity and respect as due their behavior versus their bank account. 

Celebrate the Penii of Peace versus the DICKERY of domination! 

#peace and #love #win #everytime <3

Though written about #onlinedating #advice it applies to #harveyweinerstain #rapeculture and #misogyny as well.  My most #redickulous #ridiculous #vulgar #comedysong about #respect #beware #adultcontent for #cursing


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Humanity Can Be More Humane Any Time Now  

Humanity is human - with dignity intact

Whether we're humane or not is based on how we act

Have compassion for the least of us for they do what they do

Humane is overstanding when the inhumane show through

We see  you and feel you - shadows steeped in the past

Study the Humanities to free yourself from caste

I just can't contain my disdain for the idea 

That the rights of the whites and the rich are superior

Our climate is choking and stoking the fire 

With coal that is dirty when wind is desired

I'm Fed Up with nonsense so I'm sharing my song

Humane to the core speeding logic along

From my self-published album The Time Is Now, please like or share or whatever resonates. <3