Light ‘Em Up - AKA Redickulous Incense Theme (It’s a JOBS program)

Have you seen my little incense cones?
They resemble men’s party bones...Light ‘em up
Redickulous Incense: It’ll elevate your mood!
Sweetly unique like each and every dude! Light ‘em up
(Here’s what ya gotta do) Grab a dick and light it on fire...
Watch the smoke swirl higher and higher: Light ‘em up
Short or long, pointy or thick,
 Just light ‘em up and they do the trick: Light ‘em up – It’s an Air Freshener
Hand crafted with American hands:
Buy a dickbag they’re the best in any land! Light ‘em up
Hand rolled just like my joints...
Artists make them come to the point: Light 'em up
It’s a Jobs Program...piecework
I can roll 50 dicks an hour:
Redickulous Incense gives me the power: Light ‘em up
Who doesn’t love a sweet smelling dick?
Maybe lesbians...But they light them up anyway
Hold a dick between your fingers...
Light the tip and let the fire linger: Light ‘em up
Fire the tip until it starts to glow –
Take a moment to BLOW BLOW BLOW: Light ‘em up
Local, sustainable, consumable dicks - It’s an air freshener
Repeat as you desire to scent the air with dicks on fire! Light ‘em up
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© 2016 Victoria Newbill
All Rights Reserved