Sad Sounds
Sad sounds – somebody crying
Sad for the pain of the change or the trying
Or has she gone nuts attempting to be
The rock of the family - long since abandoned
In favor of her brand of freedom
Home town blues – some of us gotta get out more in the first place
Some of us look forward with backwards ideas
We can’t believe it, we cannot see how the years
Have marched all around us – but never found us
Distance isn’t only physical proximity, subliminally
It’s the illusions strung between emotion and devotion
To a family tree with branches that need pruning
Sometimes a sleepy/stoned Sunday afternoon is grand
Vice be damned
I wasn’t prepared to feel so sorry for you
That I’d forget to feel sorry for me too
I’m weary of fantasy talk that never leads to a walk
In the sunshine – side by side
I thumbed a ride and my nose at your pride
I can’t trust you to even think of me - except at tuck-in time
Ready to relax and have a chat sublime with me
I’m a bit divine - at tuck-in time mmmmmhmmm
I’d rather be divine in the sweet sunshine
Rocket-fueled invites to chat aren’t free
They cost attention, intention and energy
I can’t afford to pay attention
In another dimension where theres no thought for me for real
Except how I make you feel in the manic moment...mmhm
You’re a charmer when the booze has gone down
Then you sleep it off and don’t want me around anymore
I know the score of this game that I’m not playing anymore
I smell the fear and anxiety of meaning something to me
So you think and drink too much – so you don’t follow through
I get you dude, but I don’t want to get you anymore
I know the score of this game that I’m not playing anymore
Not anymore, I don’t love you less – in fact I wish you the best
Sad sounds –
© 2016 Victoria Newbill
All Rights Reserved