The Time Is Now

Confront your own feelings – It’s a call to arms
Don’t get stuck in a rut at the Animal Farm
Try to love one another for it does no harm
Make a stink if you need to and raise an alarm
The Time Is Now
When your smartphone feels insubstantial
And you’re left feeling inconsequential
Represent your “One Love” credentials
Get off of your ass – It’s mighty essential
Talk to yourself...The Time Is Now
The Time Is now and always has been:
Even when we haven’t been listening’ in!
I’m living proof of everything I believe in,
It’s time to reveal a relevant mission:
Don’t get rape-y with your cocky little attitude,
I’ve got a rapier WIT than that for YOU dude...
You might think my message is just a little rude
But dickery abounds and the metaphor suits!
The Time Is Now
I’m a viper, not a sniper: here in plain sight...
Don’t tread on me first and I won’t strike
It’s time to focus on the middle and let the fringes fly:
Hold on tight for a magic carpet ride
The Time Is Now
Celebrate Outstanding – out standing in a crowd
Outstanding ideas should be shared out loud
Stand away from a crowd that does not do you proud
Turn your focus to the locus of the disavowed:
Ooooo The Time Is Now
How DARE we deny what the earth will provide?
Oils, Smoke, tincture, butter, why canna we just love one another?
While we ooze and schmooze - shrink and kink: build and tilt just stop and think:
Wait just a minute... The Time Is Now
Tell me what you mean, my friend,
For all you mean to me my friend,
You cannot mean at me my friend for you can be de-meaned in the end:
It’s what I’m telling you now! The Time Is Now

© 2016 Victoria Newbill
All Rights Reserved