1. Run Laurie Run

From the recording The Time Is Now

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Sometimes we meet and love people who have been so abused that it seems like a TV movie...oh wait, there were a few written about my friend, Laurencia (Laurie) Bembenek. A victim of police corruption, Laurie spent the rest of her life trying to clear her name after a murder conviction that garnered International fame.


Laurie led a loopy life
She didn’t kill her spouse’s ex-wife
She was framed like her Art
It tore her world apart

Media Murderess- a bunny with teeth
However you slice it she got no relief
Accused, bemused, confused by the dudes
With x-ist, fucked up attitudes

Run Laurie Run – Run Laurie Run

Poised to point the finger at the -ism bringers
They’d cut the cadets after they’d been through the wringer
Civil Rights are mighty important ones –
When you’re on the killing end of guns, YO!

Affirm your squirmy Actions, Milwaukee WI Police
Something in the air smells like feces...

Run Laurie Run – Run Laurie Run

Laurie was a warrior against oppression
Opportunity for all was her obsession
She called into question the department’s actions
Firing diversity for trumped up infractions

She had to get a job to pay her expenses
The Playboy Club was no shock to the senses
A Bunny uniform made her the money
The department denied her – now isn’t that funny? NO

Run Laurie Run – Run Laurie Run

Resistance is futile when the media strikes
Of course she’s a conniving murderous wife
Of a guy who has it all except for his house,
His kids, his revenge and his ex-spouse

It made no sense to pin it on Laurie
Except as a way to discredit her story
A media BLITZ called her a killer
Convicted of BEAUTY - what a media thriller
Run Laurie Run – Run Laurie Run

It’s sorta about clearing her name,
‘Cause larger than life she was exposing the game
It wasn’t about just “one dumb Bunny”
It was all about politics, dicks and money

Wounded Public Servant – a Whistleblower
They framed her and made her out to be a whore
The tragedy believed was the woman they claimed was her
“Cold bitch – psychopathic murderer” NO

Run Laurie Run – We know the truth – Run Laurie Run

Pardon me, Governor of Wisconsin USA but could you pardon Laurie? She suffered so terribly: being framed for murder, prison time, a prison escape, America’s Most Wanted, International plea bargains to avoid another media mockery of a trial...hardly anyone let her forget her “fame shame” ... TV movie with Tatum O’Neill...Could you just pardon her in death?...Pardon Laurie for all of us who seem to still care about police corruption, Civil Rights and the media rush to judgment because a story was sexy like Laurie...if you can’t pardon HER, then pardon my continued disgust and frustration over this messy miscarriage.
Run Laurie Run