1. Cannabis Woman

From the recording The Time Is Now

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This song honors Madeline Martinez, and by association, countless other Cannabis advocates who seek to end prohibition of a very useful plant. Please consider the sustainability of hemp and vote for sensible public policies.


Cannabis Woman - Took a stand for me - Cannabis Woman, Mama set us free
Don’t have to smoke at home alone - Cannabis Café is the safety Zone
She’s got such important things to do! Fighting and writing - freeing weed for you!
Mrs. Martinez, thanks for your works! Cannabis Woman - she fights the jerks!
Her Café brought change around - not just here in East P-Town
She gives NORML a feminine face: Defending Human Rights all over the place
NOW Woman! Gonna bless your face - Cannabis Woman for the Human Race

Cannabis Woman, Took a stand for me! Cannabis Woman, Set the people free
Sit right back, relax at “home” - Cannabis Café is the safety Zone
Its High Time - she led the way - Cannabis Cafés are here to stay!
Cannabis woman - Took a stand for me - Cannabis woman - Set the people free
Cannabis Woman has led the way! American folks, listen what I say
Don't come hangin' around the door... Step inside and get on the dance floor
Simple sights can hypnotize - Sparkles dance in everyone’s eyes
Now woman, get an “A” from me! Cannabis woman, Mama set us free...

Go! Gotta get a break, gotta take a break, Now Go! Go! Go! You gotta meet this woman
Gonna greet you, Woman - Helloooooooo... Welcome home.....
You're so good for weed! Way to go! Good for you!
Gonna look you right in the eye, tell you what I'm gonna do
You know I'm gonna breathe - You know I'm gonna hope
You know I'm gonna speak - You know I'm gonna VOTE, Woman
Good Job Cannabis Woman! Good Job World Famous Cannabis Café!